Bernard Gauthier, PhD is a speaker, author, and strategic communications advisor helping organizations communicate more effectively.

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“Strategic Communication Planning is much more than writing a list of tactics. It’s about establishing clear outcomes for the campaign — knowing exactly what changes you hope to bring about and selecting the key audiences who can truly make those changes happen. Strategic communication planning also requires a solid strategy that makes the very most of your resources and the environment in which your campaign will run. Finally, it’s about being prepared to carefully measure your progress toward those goals. I help organizations with every one of these crucial steps.”

— Bernard Gauthier, PhD.

I can help you with

  1. Understanding your audiences (i.e., members, customers, voters, students) with thorough, reliable research.
  2. Developing powerful strategies that ensure your messages reach their target and achieve the results you set out to achieve.
  3. Planning and scheduling your communications efforts in a way that is cost-effective and that consistently delivers results.
  4. Developing compelling messages, images and effective campaigns aimed at achieving specific outcomes.
  5. Evaluating your communications efforts through a rigorous and comprehensive process.

Clients I’ve Worked With

Here is a very brief summary of the work I have done for a number of clients. If any of these summaries spark your interest, let me know. I’ll be happy to present you with a fuller case study and connect you with the client.

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About Me

I work hard to learn. I always have. I strive to learn as much about the delicate and complex process of communication as possible. I then use that knowledge to help my clients, my workshop participants and my students become more strategic, more powerful and more responsible as communicators.