The Gauthier Family

Growing up in a big, loud French-Canadian family taught me a lot about communication from an early age. I learned then, and in the years that followed, that communication is a vital process that allows families and organizations of all kinds to succeed – from the smallest family business to governments and multinational corporations. Effective communication is the first step to getting important things done.

Throughout my career, I observed the differences between campaigns that worked and campaigns that failed. I noticed certain features of the successful campaigns and spent many hours reflecting on them.

As a consultant, I turned my observations and ideas into a comprehensive and effective strategic communication planning method. I used that method with clients of all sizes, in all sectors of the economy for more than a decade. I refined the method and watched as it delivered dozens of very effective and cost-effective strategic communication campaigns.

As an academic, I continued to think about communication. I read extensively, conducted plenty of research and eventually earned a PhD from Carleton University. All of that thinking led me to write a book about what makes communication strategic. I taught degree-level courses in strategic communication at Carleton University, as a Sessional Lecturer, and at Conestoga College, as a full-time Professor. I wrote articles and gave workshops and shared my method with as many fellow communicators as possible.

Now, as an independent advisor, I help organizations tell better stories, reach the right people, and achieve their communications goals.