Client Stories

Here is a quick look at some of the clients and employers for whom I have worked over the last 35 years. If any of these summaries spark your interest, let me know. I’ll be happy to present you with a fuller case study and connect you with the client.

Health Care

College of Family Physicians of Canada:

The range of services I offered this long-time client included national media relations, strategic communication planning and writing in both official languages. Together, the client and my team were able to significantly raise the public profile of speciality medicine and of the Royal College in Canada.

College of Family Physicians of Canada:

We offered a similar list of services to the professional body representing family doctors in Canada, including media relations support for their Family Physician of the Year awards program, media training for key spokespeople, writing and production for a number of different channels and strategic communication planning and evaluation.

Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technology in Health (CADTH):

This agency, funded by the Government of Canada and its provincial government partners, helps assess the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of new drugs and technologies used for the treatment and the diagnosis of health conditions. My work for CADTH was wonderfully diverse and included strategic communication work on a number of campaigns as well as research work, where I used qualitative techniques to uncover the sentiments and practices of health care professionals and patients relative to certain drugs and technologies.

Government Of Canada

Industry Canada:

I worked with clients at Industry Canada for close to two decades and was able to touch a wide range of programs and services they offer Canadians and Canadian businesses. Much of the work was in support of the Canadian Consumer Information Gateway, the department’s early effort to better inform Canadian consumers using the web. I helped to assess the needs of consumers using research and then helped to create some of the new content and tools that the research pointed to. I also offered national media relations services for a number of major announcements at Industry Canada, growing the profile of the department among business and consumer reporters in Canada.

Treasury Board Secretariat of Canada:

I worked closely with a number of people at the Treasury Board Secretariat for more than a decade, helping to launch and build the profile of key activities and programs. Chief among these were the National Public Service Week celebrations across Canada, for which we did both internal communication and media relations. I also provided campaign planning and evaluation services along with training.

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC):

I worked with key people at SSHRC for close to a decade and provided a wide range of strategic communication services here as well. This included national media relations, strategic communication planning and evaluation, training as well as writing and production services for a number of vehicles.

National Associations

Canadian Veterinary Medical Association:

My work with the CVMA began in 1991, when I joined the staff as Manager of Communication. Later, when I joined a local agency (Delta Media), I was able to secure the CVMA as a client and keep them as a satisfied client for nearly two decades. The work we did was quite varied and included public opinion research, strategic communication planning, national media relations and creative writing and production for a break-through national advertising campaign that evolved and continued to run for many years.

Canadian Bar Association:

I also spent close to two decades providing a range of research, media relations, strategic planning and creative services for the national association representing the legal profession in this country. Our work included national awareness campaigns, media relations, strategic communication planning and evaluation.

Canadian Pharmacists Association:

My work with the CPhA also stretched for more than a decade and included a wide variety of research, planning and creative services. Together, the CPhA team and I were able to maintain a high, positive profile for the profession at a time when rolls and responsibilities of health care professions were very much in flux throughout the country.

Canadian Society of Association Executives:

Though I was never employed by the CSAE, I was happy to volunteer with this effective organization. I was a member of the Ottawa-Gatineau chapter for many years and served on the executive of the chapter for three of those years. I also had the opportunity to speak both at local and national events run by the CSAE.

Private Sector

MD Management:

MD Management is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Canadian Medical Association; it offers a range of services to CMA members, including financial services, medical practice software and consulting services to allow members to run their practices more effectively. Over more than a decade, I helped the MD Management team of marketers and communicators in a number of ways, including writing and production of key communication vehicles, research among Canadian physicians, national media relations on key issues affecting the profession as well as strategic communication planning and evaluation.

Crowne Plaza Hotels:

When the Crowne Plaza Hotel discovered they had endangered peregrine falcons nesting on their roof, they called Delta Media and I was assigned to lead a team that would manage public and media relations for the hotel. I helped plan and run a media event that featured the newly hatched falcon chicks being banded by a Ministry of Natural Resources expert, while two busloads of school children and dozens of reporters watched in amazement. It was a successful end to a media relations effort that managed to keep members of the public and the news media off the roof of the hotel, ensuring the safety of the chicks.